Stainless Steel Single End Load Nesting Racks for Single Baxter Ovens and Ovens with Baxter-Style Lifts

M&E’s Z-Frame Nesting Baxter Oven Racks are part of our Professional Series Equipment product line for commercial bakeries and commercial delis.


  • Nesting Baxter Oven Rack with 10-Pan Capacity and 6″ Spacing
  • Nesting Baxter Oven Rack with 12-Pan Capacity and 5″ Spacing
  • Nesting Baxter Oven Rack with 15-Pan Capacity and 4″ Spacing
  • Nesting Baxter Oven Rack with 20-Pan Capacity and 3″ Spacing

Z-Frame Single Side Load Nesting Baxter Oven Racks
Z-Frame Double Side Load Nesting Baxter Oven Racks

Features of our Z-FRAME Nesting Baxter Oven Racks include:

Type-304 stainless steel ladder assembly with type-304 stainless steel Z-frames, for corrosion-resistance and high-temperature strength to withstand extreme commercial use. Our commercial oven racks have an expected service life of 30+ years.

100% TIG-welded construction and polished frame for superior strength, quality, durability, and cleanability

TIG-welded runners (1″ x 11⁄2″)

Designed for 18″ x 26″ sheet pans

High-temp plate casters

Nesting oven racks help you turn floor space into sales space by using up to half the amount of storage space than non-nesting racks. These racks have excellent mobility and will move as a continuous group. Multiple units are shipped assembled and “nested” for freight savings.

M&E is your commercial bakery equipment partner, helping you get the competitive advantage with our exceptional products and customer service. Contact us for more information and pricing today.

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