Z-FRAME® Nesting Racks are TIG welded
Z-FRAME® Nesting Racks are T.I.G. Welded
December 9, 2021

Z-FRAME® Nesting Racks are TIG welded

Quality Champ • Green Champ • Problem Solver

M&E Mfg. Co., Inc. created & patented the FIRST Nesting Oven, Bakery & Food Service Racks in 1993.  

Since 1975, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of T.I.G. welding on all of our racks.  

  • T.I.G. is the BEST clean Weld.
  • T.I.G. is specified by aerospace & pharmaceutical industries.
  • T.I.G. is Superior for Stainless Steel Racks.
  • T.I.G. Solves the “cold fusion” problem that plagues M.I.G. & eliminates the humped-up bubble gum welds.

Our racks are made in the USA.

Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,330,064; 5,386,787; 5,471,922; 5,503,087; 5,628,522; 5,957,309; 6,149,120; 6,322,180; 6,366,313; 6,474,757; 6,974,042; 7,419,063; 9,440,667; D480,528; D481,513. Other U.S. & foreign patents pending.

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