The manifestation and Embodiment of Imagination, Creativity & Vision Ad
Manifestation and Embodiment: More than 45 Years of M&E Mfg. Co., Inc.
November 16, 2021

The manifestation and Embodiment of Imagination, Creativity & Vision Ad

The Manifestation and Embodiment of Imagination, Creativity & Vision.©

For more than 45 years M&E Mfg. Co., Inc. has focused on:

  • Extra-ordinary customer service
  • Impressive quality
  • Life cycle cost of ownership
  • Unique patented equipment that would offer our partners a competitive advantage

While many manufacturing companies have chosen to become importers, our ambition was to have the M&E Brand become associated with “Great Customer Service” and a “Unique ‘Fresh Food Focus.” We are not a sales company- we believe that a great product and word of mouth is the formula for a great brand and success.

When we take on the responsibility of a partner relationship we reserve 200% of the capacity needed to meet the partners needs and we stock every product that is practicable.

This greatly limits our growth but allows us to become more efficient and most importantly to provide extraordinary customer service to our partners.

With more than 38 patents, 20+ trademarks, we have achieved “laser like” focus on being a “partner”* and bringing survival gear to our clients as they participate in a marketplace that is in many ways a battlefield.

*We offer exclusive customer specific models and disciplined confidentiality.

There is no Substitute for Fresh Face to Face® Full Service

La Deli Bakery Bistro

Order from the Deli: 

  • Birthday Sandwiches™
  • Custom Sandwiches
  • Party Trays
  • Tail Gating Party Packs

Order from the Bakery:

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Dessert Trays
  • Catering

“The only thing worse than having been born blind is having sight with no vision.” – Helen Keller

Call us at 845-331-2111 or Call Wendy ay 845-331-2111 ext. 1118

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